Snake guarding what ?

November 8, 2006

Thats rajkumar

Originally uploaded by saaikirren.

Thats a deadly black cobra hich can kill a person 4 times over and again. And look at the ease at which rajkumar from hyderabad is sitting with the snake guarding his manhood. Hee hee


5 Responses to “Snake guarding what ?”

  1. Priya said

    That truly is a great foto…amazingly shot…

  2. AKHIL said

    I dont see any difference between the Snake and Raju… Both look as if they have same thing in their mind.

  3. SHAWN.FERNS. said

    The RAJ Of Snakes!!! Always knew there was an inner connection between Humans & Animals & thats precisely what I see here in this Pic. Awesome pic anyways 🙂

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