Snake guarding what ?

November 8, 2006

Thats rajkumar

Originally uploaded by saaikirren.

Thats a deadly black cobra hich can kill a person 4 times over and again. And look at the ease at which rajkumar from hyderabad is sitting with the snake guarding his manhood. Hee hee


A potent road kill

October 6, 2006

A potent road kill

Originally uploaded by saikyran.

This chameleon was crossing the highway, a potent road kill, but now in the safest hands it can be, mine. I have rescued several chameleons crossing the road,I also had the misfortune to run over one by mistake. now forget bout the chicken, why did the chameleon cross the road?

Flying tiger

October 6, 2006

Flying tiger

Originally uploaded by Sumith Meher.

Tigers can vertically up to the height of 20 feet… When i first heard this from a friend raj kumar, i was like …oh come on… Its not possible. But after seeing this photo… I believe…

Hello world!

October 6, 2006

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